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DADA'S HOME in Steel Toe Review, Issue #20, April 2015, has published the play. The text can be read here.

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WINTER, Flash Fiction, Flash Fiction Friday 178. Six words including title. The text can be read here.



Founder, Owner: Focus Publishing

From 1985 through 2014 I started and ran a publishing company, Focus Books, which published educational texts for for secondary and higher education with an emphasis on Classical and Modern languages, English, Philosophy and theater. The publishing list was sold to Hackett Publishing in 2014..

North Shore Readers' Collaborative Theater, cofounder

Joint venture of Ron Pullins, Leslie Powell and Marc Clopton, the NSRC was devoted to advanced development of plays and theater on Boston's North Shore. We  sponsored a Saturday morning Readers' Theater series monthly September through June at Clopton's Actor's Studio at the Tannery in Newburyport. Audience development was encouraged as well as play development. We hope to replicate that sometime in the future in Tucson.


Leaky Roof Productions, cofounder

    Leaky Roof is a production company committed to producing dramatic works. An earlier incarnation with Leslie Powell and myself was the vehicle for the production of Five Sleazy Pieces during the Late Night Series at the Player's Ring in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 2004. Leaky Roof produced a NE Fringe version of The Movie Mogul, starring Tim Diering, Jack Rushton, and Gina Columbo in 2008. The play then moved to the Actor's Studio in Newburyport for a three play weekend. We hope to revive the company in Tucson.

Plays for Radio

Sweet Smelling Meat
Radio script version of short story, National Public Radio earplay

Full Length Stage Plays

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, an adaptation for the stage
Actors Studio of Newburyport, December 8, 9, 10, 15 16, 2017

Ice Dancing
North Shore Readers Theater, reading. Newb uryport MA,February 2012.
Last Frontier Conference, Valdez Alaska, New Play Lab, June 2012
No Shame Theatre, Athens Georgia, Staged Reading, Oct 6 2013
Atlantic Stage, Myrtle Beach SC, Staged Reading, May 2014

Woman. Bicycle
North Shore Readers Theater, reading, Newburyport MA. March 2011.
Whistler in the Dark play reading series, Boston, MA, June 2011.
Semi-finalist O'Neill Theater Conference 2012.
Shortlist, The Internationalist Theater Group, 2012
Last Frontier Conference, Valdez Alaska, New Play Lab, May 2013

The Boss is Dead
Staged Reading, New Works Festival, Newburyport (MA), 2003
Honorable Mention, American Theater Co-op Play Contest, Fall 2003.
Actor's Studio, Workshop production, Newburyport MA June 2004.
Monologue “The Perfect Fry” at Last Frontier Theatre Conference Monologue Workshop, Valdez AZ, June 2012 ; Strand Theater Project, 2017.
Revolution Theater, Chicago IL, Reading, Spring 2015
Project Y, New York NY. Video project, monologue derivative. Oct 2014. To view go here: YouTube

Cast from Nbpt

Ice's Crossing, 2008, 2009.
North Shore Collaborative Readers Theater, Newburyport MA, April 2008, Reading. Stage 3 Workshop production, Newburyport MA, 2009
Generic Theatre, Staged Reading, Portsmouth NH February 2012
Reston Community Theater, Staged reading, Reston VA April 2012.
Guinea Pig Lab, Wichita KS, Workshop reading, January 30, 2016


TADA!! Fest 2015 Contest Finalist, Staged reading, Tucson AZ. June 11, 2015
Revolution Theater, Staged Reading, Chicago IL, Fall 2014
Whistler in the Dark, public staged reading series, June 2010.
North Shore Collaborative Readers Theater, Newburyport MA, November 2009, Reading.
Monologue, “A Plan,” at Last Frontier Theatre Conference Monologue Workshop, June 2012

Enemies of the State, 2007.
Readers' Theater, North Shore Collaborative, Newburyport MA, September 2007 .
Great Plains Theater Conference, Concurrent Playlab Reading, Omaha NE. May 2008.

The Movie Mogul
Co-written with Leslie Powell, 2008. New England Fringe Festival, Boston, September 2008. Tied  audience favorite.

Movie Mogul

Actor's Theater, Newburyport MA, October 2008
Tucson Fringe Festival, January 16 and17, 2016. Flycatcher, Tucson.

Mogul Tucson

Short Stage Plays

Baby Dada
Old Pueblo Playwrights Festival, Tucson AZ. January 2015. Script in hand.
Madlab Theatre Roulette, Columbus OH, May 2016.


Baby and Dada

Dada's Home
Museum of Dysfunction, Mildred's Umbrella, Houston TX, August 2012
North Park Theater Festival, San Diego, May 2013
Steel Toe Review, Issue #20, April 2015, has published the play. The text can be read here.
Abby Hoffman Died For Your Sins Festival, Chicago, August 2015  


Review: Dada’s Home by Ron Pullins is a wild and crazy ride that leans on dadaism and also refers to Sartre’s No Exit as it skillfully and humorously tells the story of a man (James Reed) and a woman (Amy Warren) who go through the same routines over and over again in an unchanging world. James Reed and Amy Warren are marvelous as they play off each other seamlessly and deftly, with perfect timing and pacing. Director Candyce Prince magnificently tells this bizarre story with much aplomb and incisive directing skills. Houston Chronicle

Ron Pullins, Dada’s Home, is an amusing take on the nonsensicalities of the mundane; the title’s “Dada” being a poke at the rejection of logic. Every day a husband and wife do and say the same thing, yet none of it is really true. Their need to repeat this charade day in and day out is thrown off by the wife’s exchange of an olive for an onion in her daily martini. With this one change, life has taken a new course. Pullins, and director Candyce Prince, do a nice job of mixing elements of Ionesco with some Sartre and the actors, James Reed and Amy Warren, are spot on with their absurdities. Texas Arts and Culture.

 Dada's Home

Pico, 10 Minute play.
Small Theater Alliance of Boston, staged reading. Feb 14, 2011. Boston, Factory Theater. F.U.D.G.E. festival, Boston MA, May 2011.
Between Us, New York, NY. May 21, 2011.
SteelToe Review, October 2011, Birmingham AL. On line publication. Click here to read.

Pemberton, 10 Minute play,
Finalist, Cell Theatre (New Mexico), Fifth Annual Short Works Festival,  2010.
ATHE New play development workshop, Los Angeles, August 2010.  To be published in forthcoming anthology by Association for Theater in Higher Education, THE RECYCLIST AND OTHER PLAYS (2011)

The List, 10 Minute play.
SUNY Brockport, 6th Biennial Festival of 10 Minute Plays, February-March, 2009. First Place (tie) Readers' Choice Award.

  Brockport List

Boston Playwrights Platform Summer Festival, June 18, 19, 20,  Boston MA.
Video, Project Y, New York, NY. June 2010. See video here.
Box of Jars, Vol 2, on line journal, June 2012: reading Brooklyn June 1, 2012

The Object, 10 minute play.
Fort Point Theatre Channel Exclamation Point! 5 The Science of Love, A Reading, February 13, 2009, Flour Bakery and Cafe, Fort Point, Boston.
Fall Shorts, Actors Studio of Newburyport, November 2009.
F.U.D.G.E. Festival, Watertown, Aresenal Center for the Arts, May 2010.
Salem Theatre Company, Ten Minute Play Festival, July 22-23, 2010
Rebelyard Theatre Collective, 2nd Annual 10 Minute Play Festival, Oct 2012

Mrs. McAlaster's Plot, co-written with Leslie Powell., Belfast (ME) 15 Minute Festival, 2002, Finalist.
Mill City Minutes, Lowell, Fall 2006. American Globe, NYC, Turnip Festival, Spring 2008

Movie Mogul in His Mama's Muumuu, co-written with Leslie Powell.
Belfast ME 15 Minute Festival, 2003, Runner Up. Staged Reading.
Five Sleazy Pieces, Short play review, Player's Ring, Portsmouth NH

Rose Enters the Room.
New Works Festival, Newburyport  MA 2002

Nailed, co-written with Leslie Powell
Old Pueblo Playwrights New Works Festival, Tucson, March 2007

Ma Ma Mafia, co-written with Michael McKearney.
Random Acts (Play in a Day) Festival, Newburyport MA, November 2007

The Recyclist
North Shore Reader's Theater, Reading, Newburyport MA, 2007.
ATHE conference, Denver, 2008, play development workshop, 2008.
Fort Point Exclamation Point!, Reading, Boston, March 2008 To be published in forthcoming anthology by Association for Theater in Higher Education, THE RECYCLIST AND OTHER PLAYS (2011)


Nothing You Can Say, co-authored with Adair Rowland.
Random Acts, Firehouse Center, Newburyport MA 2006

Acting Lesson #10: The Death Scene, cowritten with Mary H. Frakes.
Random Acts, Newburyport MA, 2004

Snowman, A Monologue.
Actor's Studio Workshop, North Hollywood, Dec 11-12.


The Boss is Dead,a novella. Focus Publishing. 2004.
Two excerpts from The Boss is Dead
in, 221 One-Minute Monologues from Literature, selected and edited by John Capecci and Irene Ziegler, Autumn 2007, Smith and Kraus.


Sweet Smelling Meat. Shenandoah, William and Mary College, 1972.
Mr. Walking Stick. New Laurel Review, 1972
C.-scape. Kansas Quarterly, 1974.
Dada's Home, Sourland Review, 2017

Flash Fiction

WINTER, Flash Fiction, Flash Fiction Friday 178. Six words including title. The text can be read here.


Advanced Playwrighting Intensive, Kennedy Center, Summer 2007.
Great Plains Playwrighting Conference, Summer, 2008
ATHE, Short play development workshop, 2008
Artistic New Directions with Jeffrey Sweet, August 2009
Dramatist’s Guild Playwright conference, 2011, panelist.
Last Frontier Playwrighting Conference, Valdez AK, 2011, 2012

Associations and memberships

Association of American Publishers (head of house, retired)
Dramatists Guild, Associate member
Old Pureblo Playwrights, Tucson


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