Recently published, "Gravity," a poem. DASH journal, Fullerton CA, 11/e, Spring 2018.

Recently published, "Pemberton," a short story, Dark Ink, Springfield MA, Fall 2018.

Recently published, "Betty," a ten minute play, in Ten Minute play series "Erased," October 4, 5, 6, ,7, 2018. Harold Dixon Directing Studio, University of Arizona, Tucson,

Two poems, "Her rocks roll from the bag" and "The secret of your photograph," Cathexis Northwest Press, September 2018.

"Horse Heads," Flash Fiction, Third Wednesday, A journal of arts and literature, Winner (one of three) of the George Dila Memorial Flash Fiction contest, October, 2018.

Staged Reading, Pemberton," a ten minute play, Just Write! Lakelan, Lakeland Florida, August 2018.

"Fracture," short fiction, Delay Fiction, December, 2018. Read it here.

"Cyclist," Short Story, Southwest Review,104, 4. Summer 2019. .

"Dada's Home," a story, Spring 2019, Sunspot Literary Journal. Download pdf by clicking here

Finalist, The Calvino Prize, University of Louisville, for "Three stories: Dada's Home, The Room, Horse Heads", Spring 2019

"Ice Dancing," a long story, Fall 2019, Sunspot Literary Journal. Vol 1, No. 3. Download the pdf of the whole issue to read it here. My story begins on page 148.

"The Meeting," Typishly Online Literary Journal. Editor's Choice, To read it, click here. Winter 2019.

"Piggies," Broken VHS, #1, Violent Xylovphone Machinery, London, 2020 To read it, click here . Winter 2019.

"Love story with guns and cigarettes," Havik 2020: Homeward,Las Positas College, Summer 2020.

"Clocks::Corn," a story, Synkronicityii, March 2021. Nominated for Best of the Web.

"The Barbeque," a story, Bluing the Blade, Vol I, No. I, Winter 2020, Tempered Runes Press. Free pdf of issue downloadable here

"Snow Monster" a YouTube Radio story by the Atlanta Radio Theater Company, go here.

"My father built a raft" flash fiction, Sunspot, March, 2022, and Vol 4, Issue 1, can be downloaded as a pdf here.

"Interview at BurgerRoo," Winter 2022, Synkroniciti. The issue can be purchased here .

Forthcoming, "Reiner," a story, Vol.20 of The Windward Review, 2022.

"Mr. Walking Stick,"Volumne 1, The Chariot Review, Summer, 2022. Read it here.

Poetry and Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction

Winter, Flash Fiction Friday 178. Six words including title. The text can be read here.
Horse Heads, Any Wednesday, A journal of arts and literature, October, 2018.
Fracture, Delay Fiction, December, 2018.
My father built a raft, Sunspot, Forthcoming 2022


Lanette Oasis Journal, Indigo Press, 2016
Sylvester, Stoneboat Spring 2017
Fries, Gyroscope Review Spring 2017
Gravity, DASH a journal, Fullerton CA, 2018
Rocks roll from the bag, Cathexis Northwest Press September 2018
The secrets of your photograph, Cathexis Northwest Press September 2018



This was my first published poem, based on a night at the Ritz Theater in the small town of Council Grove, Kansas, where I grew up. Yes, Lanette was real and was perhaps early i the line of girls and women with whom I was enchanted.

There's gum beneath the seats
My soles stick to the floor,      
     A history of sweet accidents.
I'll meet you there. She's there. Long hair. Lanette.
Sharing our young age. 

I sit and it begins. My coat is off and over us.
A pea coat. Heavy. Blue. Pulled shoulder high. It's cold.
      My hand. Her hand. So warm and sweet.
I am a child. The film is grade B horror. Oh, horror! 
She pulls up the coat to hide away. Her cheek. My cheek.
And through the sleeve we watch the film,
Some monster slain some time ago. Blood drained.
     I see. She sees. We glimpse the life beyond
Through the tunnel of that sleeve.
Karloff wrapped in rags retires. Years fade us safe away.
So love there then had come at first.
A sickly smell of sweets and gum.
      A dark pea coat pulled over us.
A sleeve through which I saw out there.
Long hair. Lanette.  

Oasis Journal, Tucson, 2016



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