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DADA'S HOME, a story. Forthcoming in Sourland Review.

Lanette, a poem. In Oasis Review, 2016.

Fries, a poem, forthcoming in Gyroscope Review.

Reading, Dec 8, Fall writers from workshops, Poetry Center, Tucson AZ.




Looking for Focus titles? For over thirty years I had the priviledge of publishing books by the best authors ever. These titles are now published by Hackett Publishing. For information on courses, titles, orders, please go here.

Since 2002, by my partner, Leslie Powell,I have been writing plays. We were living in Newburyport MA at the time and became part of the exciting theater community there.

Now we live in Tucson AZ and are finding and working in the fascinating community there. We both are active members of the Old Pueblo Playwrights. I am on the board of the Alliance Performing Center of Tucson which is seeking a performance space in this city for theater groups.

My plays, both long and short, are listed on my resume here. Many have had readings or productions locally, and at conferences. I have posted samples from several of them.

I plan to develop this website further, including interesting links to theater and theater resources in Tucson as well as national resources of interest to playwrights and theater lovers. You got suggestions and you want to see them on a popular site, send me an email.

Tucson's hot. Let's make it theater hot!

And here's a link to my dear Leslie's page.

As always, enjoy. Indeed.

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