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"Horse Heads," Flash Fiction, Third Wednesday, A journal of arts and literature, Winner (one of three) of the George Dila Memorial Flash Fiction contest, October, 2018.

Staged Reading, Pemberton," a ten minute play, Just Write! Lakelan, Lakeland Florida, August 2018.

"Fracture," short fiction, Delay Fiction, December, 2018. Read it here.

"Cyclist," Short Story, Southwest Review,104, 4. Summer 2019. Read the beginning of the story here

"Dada's Home," a story, Spring 2019, Sunspot Literary Journal. Download pdf by clicking here. Nominated for Pushcart Best Stories. Included in Sunsport Literary Journal 2019. (print version)

Ice Dancing, Fall 2019, Sunspot Literary Journal. Vol 1, No. 3, here. My story begins on page 148.

"The Meeting," Typishly Online Literary Journal. Editor's Choice, To read it, click here. Winter 2019.

"Piggies," Broken VHS, #1, Violent Xylovphone Machinery, London, 2020 To read it, click here . Winter 2019.

"Love story with guns and cigarettes," Havik 2020: Homeward,Las Positas College, Summer 2020.

"Clocks::Corn," a story, Synkronicityii, March 2021. Nominated for Best of the Web.

"The Barbeque," a story, Bluing the Blade, Vol I, No. I, Winter 2020, Tempered Runes Press. Free pdf of issue downloadable here

"Snow Monster" a YouTube Radio story by the Atlanta Radio Theater Company, go here.

"My father built a raft" flash fiction, Sunspot, March, 2022, and Vol 4, Issue 1, can be downloaded as a pdf here.

"Interview at BurgerRoo," Winter 2022, Synkroniciti. The issue can be purchased here .

Forthcoming, "Reiner," a story, Vol.20 of The Windward Review, 2022.

"Mr. Walking Stick," a story, Volumne 1, The Chariot Review, Summer, 2022. Read it here.

"Sonata," flash fiction, Many Fine Donkeys, Summer 2022

Dollartorium, a novel, forthcoming 2023 from J. New Books, winner of the 2022 Malcolm Lowry Award.



Since finishing my publishing career and spending over thirty wonderful years managing my own publishing company, working with over fifty delightful authors, publishing over 130 titles, and selling gads of books every year, I have fully committed myself to writing in Tucson where I moved in 2015.


If you are looking for the Focus titles I published, they are now being published and sold by my friends at Hackett Publishing here.


Since 2002, my partner, Leslie Powell and I have been writing plays. We were living at the time in Newburyport MA and became part of the exciting theater and writing community there. In Tucson my focus has been on fiction. A list of my publications can be found on my resume here.


And here's a link to my dear Leslie's page.

What's New

coffee The Dollartorium: a novel, forthcoming!

I won the Malcom Lowry award 2022 for my as yet unpublished novel, The Dollartorium, awarded by J. New Books who will be publishing the book March 2023.

      “I wish Plato wrote about business,” Ralph says. “What it is. How to do it. What is right and wrong when it comes to money. Plato is so good with Virtue, on the Good, on Poetics, Politics, but not one word on advertising or the media. I don’t think Plato ever ran a business.”
      Ralph has his foot up on the fence watching his pigs.
      You get used to the smell. If you’re away for a long time, you can miss it.
      “There must have been rich Greeks, Daddy,” Stella says. Slops sound just like slops as she pours another bucket into the trough.
      “But they didn’t have television,” Ralph says.
      “If people mind their own business, they don’t have time for television. People who live in the moment and have real work to do are happier.”

"Sonata," flash fiction, Many Fine Donkeys, Summer 2022

As always, enjoy.

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